“Man, you crushed me on this one. You're totally correct on everything you said. The intro being cut off a bit at align podcast was an accident in editing (terrible) I will make the changes you suggested and send you another copy via fiver. I've been doing this way too long to be making such obvious mistakes. Thanks!”
-Aaron Alexander
Align Podcast

When doing a podcast for many years (300+ episodes), it's sometimes easier to fall into your set ways and rest on the success you already have. But I wanted to get a quick podcast audit from a new set of ears to see what we could improve. Dave pointed out some obvious and long-running issues that we've been having with our show for a long time.
Marcus Couch
WP Plugins A to Z

I thought I was just going to get a tip or two on how to make this better but instead, I got an 8 minutes podcast episode with tons of tips. Love it man, Thanks!
Podcast Ninja

I honestly had no idea it sounded bad. I don't hear it on my end. Brutal honesty is very helpful. Thank you.

Also, I really have no clue on bit rate, I was going with Audacity defaults. I know now, big mistake.

-John Ellis