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The Dorking Out Show

Description The show for anyone who loves to dork out about the stories in pop culture that we love. That means TV and movies, books and podcasts, and any other kind of engaging storytelling we can find. We talk about Star Wars and Gilmore Girls, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Trek, Netflix and Amazon, Serial and S-Town and, and, and… Every week noted TV critic and blogger Sonia Mansfield and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Christopher Allan Smith talk about movies, TV, books and more from both a fan and creator perspective. Think of it as a great conversation over...

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The Mothership

Description Get down and nerdy every Friday with the latest in geeky pop culture, from films and comic books to TV and video games. Hosted by USA TODAY entertainment reporter Kelly Lawler, film critic Brian Truitt and tech reporter Brett Molina. Website Opinion I liked the intro, and it did a good job of introducing the hosts, then once the hosts joined, they re-introduced themselves. GAH! Why not have the intro tell people that you're the TV, Film, etc person then you don't have to do that. You could introduce yourself, say your resolution and go to your...

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Dudes with Brews on a Porch

Description Each week Drew and Josh dive into a different WI based beer or coffee, give their opinions on it and then talk about anything and everything from life to paranormal to other things. Website: Opinion You spent what I feel is a large amount of time doing “chit-chat that was boring. I would've given Anna a proper introduction and let the audience (ME) know what you brought her on, what she does, and why you're glad she's here. Instead, you had her stand across the room (apparently) and talk about if she says weird things or not....

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The Grow Guide

Description: The Grow Guide is a weekly gardening podcast co-hosted by rookie grower, Maggie Wysocki, who asks all the questions you’re afraid to, and master grower, Dave Hanson, who answers them all with wisdom. Listen in as they chat openly about seasonal gardening topics, including the trials, tribulations and successes of growing in climates where it can feel…kind of impossible. Website: Opinion: The show starts off with a ton of empty space (oops) not a great impression at all. The intro does a good job of setting the stage, and then you repeated most of what the intro said (the intro...

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Wooist | The Super Charmer | Social Confidence | Dating | Self-Help

Description This show is intended to awaken your natural abilities to become a super human charmer. By exponentially enhancing your ability to charm and be more authentic you will be able to swoon women in the most natural way. As a result, you will like yourself more, you will have more self-confidence, and you will be able to date the women that you want to be dating. However, this is not a quick fix self-help dating shop. This is not the traditional pick up artist podcast. This is the podcast where we help you discover the cool guy within...

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